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If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it
John H.Kennell, M.D.
The Heart of a DOCA doula.

Welcome expecting and new parents to Doulas Of the Charlotte area!  Maybe you are ready to hire a
doula, or just curious about
what we do.  DOCA is more than just a referral website.  Our doulas
function in community with each other to make us all more seasoned and competent birth
professionals.  Each DOCA doula goes through a
membership process that includes references, and
agrees to work in conjunction with her fellow doulas to attain the highest standards for those in our

birth doulas are passionate about the birth process and believe in the ability of each mother to
bring her baby into the world.  They comfort, encourage, educate and care for the laboring mother and
her birth support team.  By listening carefully to their clients needs and desire, they offer unconditional
support throughout pregnancy, labor and birth.  The heart of our birth doulas is that each woman walks
away from her birth experience with a sense of empowerment and accomplishment.  

postpartum doulas love to care for and pamper the family as they transition their new baby into
their life.  These doulas have a passion to see their client through the sometimes difficult moments of
new motherhood.  Whether it's making a meal, loading the dishwasher or guiding a family in how to
comfort their fussy newborn,  the heart of our postpartum doulas is to offer understanding and support
in ways that not only give a new mom much needed rest, but also give her and her family a sense of
confidence for the days to come.  

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If you are looking for birth or postpartum doulas in Charlotte, you have found
a wonderful community of birth professionals. Doulas of the Charlotte Area
(DOCA) is made up of both birth and postpartum doulas. Have a look around
our site. You can also find pregnancy and birth resources. If you're interesting
in becoming a doula, please visit our Join DOCA page.
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